Torino Aerospace & Defense Meetings is the most important Italian B2B event for Aerospaca and Defense companies. MEC4I will be present at the event. 

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Inconel is a family of austenitic nickel-chromium-based superalloys. Inconel is a trade name of Special Metals

Inconel alloys are oxidation- and corrosion-resistant materials well suited for service in extreme environments subjected to pressure and heat. When heated, Inconel forms a thick, stable, passivating oxide layer protecting the surface from further attack. Inconel retains strength over a wide temperature range, attractive high temperature applications where aluminum and steel would succumb to creep as a result of thermally induced crystal vacancies. Inconel’s high temperature strength is developed by solid solution strengthening or precipitation hardening, depending on the alloy.

Inconel alloys are typically used in high-temperature applications.  Common trade names for Inconel Alloy 625 include: Inconel 625, Chronin 625, Altemp 625, Haynes 625, Nickelvac 625 and Nicrofer 6020.

One of the most used Inconel alloys, the Inconel 718 is nowadays available under the following classification: Werkstoff 2.4668, NiCr19NbMo, UNS N07718

MEC4I is capable of supply Inconel-based mechanical parts




Ballistic steel is usually adopted in protected vehicles, both civil and military, where a bullet-proof is required.

Usually, is a specifically tempered and quenched steel, having a hardness at room temperature more than 500 HBW.

MEC4I is capable of supply ballistic steel based parts.


Interested in meeting MEC4I at Le Bourget Aerospace Expo ?  From 19 to 21 June, a representative of MEC4I will be present at the salon to meet you. Book your meeting sending an e-mail message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


A new ORT T18 two-die rolling machine replaced the aged Magnaghi T12.

The new machine have increased productivity thanks greater pressure force from 12 to 18 Tons. and a complete PLC digital control.

The machine is also capable of straight and cross knurling.