MEC4I - About us

MEC4I - Mechanical Cluster for Innovation.

Some companies working in the high precision machining, decided to start a network for optimizing activities and have a common business presence.

Nowadays, MEC4I is able to offer a wide range of CNC machines available for production, well supported by a strong quality assurance system.

CAD and CAM tools are fully adopted.

Complete management of production flow (from raw material to complete assemblies)

The logistic structure is able to manage complex contracts requiring a large number of parts.

Reference Markets:

- Aerospace (aircraft parts, ground support equipments, tooling and jigs, space)

- Defense

- Energy

- Oil & Gas

- Healt e medicine

- Automotive 


Under the definition of Special processes are the surface and thermal treatments needed by the part (or the assembly).

All these processes are performed by qualified sub-suppliers (click Read more for a full list)

MIL-A-8625 anodization 

Precipitation hardening of steels

Ionic nitriding

MIL-C-5554 Chromate coating

Phospate coating

Zinc plating 

DLC coating


Nickel coating

Copper coating

Silver plating

Gold plating

Teflon coating


Ultrasonic test

Penetrant liquid inspection